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Chatri Sityodtong

Founder of One Championship, Evolve MMA, and Conservator of the Greatest Muay Thai Camp in History: Sityodtong

"Lawrence Kenshin is a striking genius. I am a big fan of his videos and analysis. He understands the nuances and intricacies of striking completely. And he breaks everything down in a simple, clean and effective manner. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you will always learn something new from his videos."


The Pound for Pound Greatest Fighter of This Muay Thai  Era

"Lawrence Kenshin's videos are very good..If you're just watching a fight, you may think that these things done in the ring by myself or other Thai fighters are impossible to replicate. It's great to have all the moves I do in a fight actually slowed down and analyzed. 

In a Muay Thai fight, so much is happening that if you watch it in real time, it could just pass by without you really understanding what is going on, but by dissecting parts of the fight and with practice, you would be able to learn and emulate my moves more easily. "


Joe Rogan

National Taekwondo Champion, Brazilian Jiujitsu Blackbelt, Primary UFC Commentator and Host of One of the Most Popular Podcasts in the World: The Joe Rogan Experience

Lawrence Kenshin is an amazing analyst. He does a fantastic job of breaking down fights. His fight breakdowns are amazing. If you're a fan of striking, and you want to understand it better, watch Lawrence's stuff... He's amazing, he does such a great job of breaking down fights. He really deserves a lot of credit for that, I love watching his breakdowns.

Sean Fagan

Founder of the #1 Muay Thai Blog: Muay Thai Guy

Lawrence is a genius at breaking down and analyzing fights. It’s so cool being able to see the application of techniques, strategies and tactics of Muay Thai legends like Saenchai, Dieselnoi, Petboonchu, Nong-O, and so many more, who are all respectively the greatest in their areas of specialization. 

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